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Why did Julie Marson MP vote against keeping 1.4 million children fed this winter?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hertford & Stortford Labour take this opportunity to express their shock and disappointment that our local Tory MP this week chose to vote against extending free school meals and keeping 1.4 million children fed this winter.

Millions of families are facing hardship because the UK Government has lost control of the virus. 32% of families have seen a drop in their income since the start of the pandemic and an extra 900,000 children have registered for free school meals.

“On Tuesday, Julie Marson gave a speech saying she’d do all she could for malnourished children, but a day later she voted to take food off of their tables this winter,” Josh Dean, Hertford & Stortford Labour’s Youth Officer, said. “I want to see Julie Marson look in the eye of a struggling family in our community - or any community - and try to explain why she voted against keeping their children fed.”

Josh Dean, Youth Officer

Hertford & Stortford Labour Party are calling on Julie Marson MP to answer some simple questions for those members of our community facing real hardship this winter:

  • Why did you choose to vote against extending free school meals in spite of calls from cross-party MPs, charities and campaigners?

  • What will you be doing to support those members of our community to whom you have denied vital support this winter?

We strongly encourage residents of Hertford & Stortford to write to Julie Marson MP to express their concern at this decision using the below contact details:
0207 219 2429

If you wish to share your concerns with Hertford & Stortford Labour Party then please email

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