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Josh Dean launches General Election campaign in Bishop's Stortford

Josh Dean, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Hertford and

Stortford, yesterday (Sunday 2nd June) launched his General Election campaign at the

South Mill Arts Centre in Bishop’s Stortford.

This followed the launch of Hertford and Stortford Labour Party’s online fundraiser

earlier in the week, which raised £1,000 in an hour and more than £4,000 in less than five


The event was chaired by Councillor Yvonne Estop (Bishop’s Stortford Central) and

featured Stevenage Councillor Tom Plater (Stevenage Almond Hill), Labour’s candidate

for Herts Police and Crime Commissioner earlier this year, as a guest speaker.

To a packed room of Labour supporters, Josh said:

“I know how badly our residents want change. My promise to our residents, always, will

be to deliver change that’s measured in action, not just words, and I will never take your

vote for granted.”

“It’s time for change in Hertford and Stortford. This is our chance to turn the page on 14

years of Tory failure, chart a new course for the country and start to rebuild. That’s what

Labour is offering.”

“We’ve put in the hard yards over the past few years, changing the Labour Party back

into a party of public service, totally focussed on the issues affecting people in our


“This election is our best chance in a generation to deliver the change our community

deserves with a hard-working local Labour MP. Let’s get out there and make it happen

on Thursday 4th July.”



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