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Sele Labour Councillors hold community meeting to discuss proposed antenna pole in Fleming Crescent

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Sele Ward Labour Councillors Carolyn Redfern and Mary Brady held a public meeting at the Sele Community Hub on Monday evening to discuss the antenna pole proposed for the green space in Fleming Crescent with local residents. The developer, Hutchinson, declined Councillor Brady’s invitation to attend the meeting, which was chaired by Josh Dean.

Prior to the meeting, Councillors Redfern and Brady marked out the dimensions of the proposed antenna, cabinets and paving on the green, giving attendees an idea of the scale. Many at the meeting felt that, although the new antenna may be necessary, it would obscure a green space right at the entrance to the estate.

Adam Leaf, Chair of the Sele Ward Neighbourhood Association, pointed out that the planning application violates policy HSHT5 of the Plan, which states that “proposals for development that results in the loss of amenity greens will not be supported.” The Neighbourhood Plan was passed by Sele residents in a referendum alongside the 2021 Local Elections.

“Myself and Councillor Brady were really pleased to hear residents' views on this proposal,” Councillor Redfern said. “Residents in the meeting, as well as those who have contacted us via email and social media, strongly feel that the proposed antenna pole is inappropriate for this site. It will remove access to a large part of the green, spoil the outlook for residents in the area and detract from the open character of Sele Farm. We will work with residents to ensure their views are taken into account by the developer and by East Herts Council.”

The Sele Ward Councillors have also encouraged residents to submit their comments to the application via the East Herts Planning Portal. The application can be found by searching the reference number 3/22/1005/TEL and the deadline for comments is the 20th June.

The meeting discussed the best way to communicate residents' position on the location of the antenna pole ahead of the deadline for comments, with Councillors Redfern and Brady suggesting a community campaign around the issue.



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