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Labour challenges Tory record on financial management of East Herts District Council

Hertford and Stortford Constituency Labour Party today challenged the Tory administration’s record on the financial management of East Herts District Council. This comes following news that East Herts is planning to sell off assets and increase its share of council tax bills for residents.

The Leader of the Labour Group on East Herts District Council, Councillor Carolyn Redfern, said, “These measures are the direct result of years of financial mismanagement by an economically incompetent Tory administration on East Herts Council, hell bent on shredding any remaining financial credibility they may have had. It is now clear that residents in our community cannot trust the Tories with their finances.”

“Out of their depth and sinking fast, the Tories’ plans will leave residents in East Herts with higher council tax bills but worse access to council services. We have already seen cuts to services, proposed increases in parking charges, and the introduction of new charges such as the garden waste scheme. Selling off assets is a one time deal, not a longterm financial strategy - the executive must urgently clarify how they intend to balance the budget in the longterm and ensure the services on which our residents rely are protected.”

“Locally, as nationally, the Tories have shown that they cannot be trusted with taxpayer money and that Labour is now the party of sound finances. A Labour District Council would make sure that council taxpayer money is handled sensibly, commissioning an independent review of major investment projects to ensure they are financially sustainable, and ensuring that the services that our residents rely on aren’t just protected, but invested in.”

“Taking inspiration from neighbouring Labour councils like Stevenage and North Herts, we would end the Tory culture of cuts and balance the budget while improving local services. This will be the choice at next year’s local elections - paying more council tax for worse services with the Tories, or sound finances and investment in services with Labour.”

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