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Hertford and Stortford Labour respond to local elections results

Today, Hertford and Stortford Labour Party welcomed the outcome of the 2023 local

elections and affirmed its openness to working with other councillors to build a better East Herts.

Carolyn Redfern, leader of the Labour Group on East Herts Council, said, “It was a great night for Labour and for progressive parties more generally. The election results are a telling judgment on 13 years of Tory Government and the decades of poor-management of East Herts which have led to the current cost of living crisis. We would like to congratulate the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats on their successes, and we look forward to working alongside their representatives on East Herts and the town councils."

"However we will not hesitate to hold the new administrations to account when necessary. We are concerned that both the Green Party and Liberal Democrats did not publish a clear set of promises for these elections, unlike Labour who were the only party to publish a local manifesto. Real democracy lies in sharing ideas and discussing them as a council. We hope decisions will be made in an open and transparent manner, rather than the behind closed doors approach of the old council.”

Labour’s manifesto for these elections in East Herts committed the party to:

  • Revitalise our town centres

  • Ensure affordable housing is built for local people

  • Managing the council’s finances wisely

  • Give residents a voice on the issues that matter to them

  • Protect and enrich our environment

These issues remain Labour's priorities and will be the test of whether the new administration retains our support.

Josh Dean, Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hertford and Stortford said, “This was an excellent result for Labour, meaning we are on course to form the next Government and to finally show Julie Marson the door. In this constituency Labour has more than doubled its representation on East Herts District Council and there are now Labour councillors on all the town councils across Hertford and Stortford - on Bishop’s Stortford, Hertford, Sawbridgeworth and Ware Town Councils. These were our best results in local elections in East Herts since the 1990’s. We are increasingly confident that when Rishi Sunak finally summons up the courage to call a general election the people of this constituency will for the first time elect a Labour MP.”



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