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Hertford and Stortford Labour launches 2023 local elections campaign

Hertford and Stortford Labour Party members met on Sunday (2nd April 2023) to launch their campaign for the 2023 local elections, alongside publishing their manifesto on their website which they describe as a “blueprint to build a better East Herts.”

Labour has focussed on five key areas in their manifesto: revitalising town centres, making homes affordable for local people, managing council finances sensibly, taking action on community issues, and protecting and enriching the local environment.

“Labour can win in East Herts and our manifesto reflects that ambition,” David Jacobs, Labour’s candidate in Bishop’s Stortford Central ward said. “Nationally, Labour is well ahead in the polls and we are fielding a record number of candidates in East Herts. We’re not asking for people to vote for us just because we aren’t the Tories - Labour is offering a serious alternative vision for East Herts at this election, one that we believe will build a better East Herts.”

Josh Dean, Labour’s candidate in Hertford Castle ward said. “Under the Tories, our residents are paying more and getting less, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We will put residents’ views at the heart of everything we do and our manifesto offers a serious alternative vision to build a better East Herts.”

Headline policies include pledges to protect free parking periods in our town centres, introduce a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on developers to support growth in our towns, and compile a cost of living support pamphlet for residents.

“Our manifesto acts not only as a blueprint for what a Labour controlled East Herts District Council would do, but it will also be a guiding document for Labour Councillors elected in May.” Councillor Carolyn Redfern, the Leader of East Herts Labour Group since 2019 and Labour’s candidate in Sele ward, said. “Our residents priorities are our priorities - we will put their views at the heart of everything we do as we work to build a better East Herts.”



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