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Hertford and Stortford Labour back Keir Starmer’s proposals to tackle Cost of Living Crisis

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hertford and Stortford Labour Party today (Wednesday 17th August) backed Keir Starmer’s announcement of an emergency package to tackle the cost of living crisis, and criticised local MP Julie Marson’s record on this issue.

Keir Starmer set out Labour’s package on Monday, which included a proposal to cancel the energy price cap increase this winter, saving households £1,000 per year. Other measures included plans to scrap the premium paid by customers using prepayment meters, and plans to reduce energy demand and lower bills in the long-term by insulating 19 million homes and investing in wind, tidal, and solar power, as well as new nuclear projects.

The Labour Party confirmed that their fully-funded plan would be paid for by an extension of the windfall tax on oil and gas giants’ excess profits, a policy originally proposed by Labour in May 2022.

“It is a moral failing that in one of the richest countries in the world, people are worrying about having to choose between feeding themselves and feeding the meter this winter,” Josh Dean, Hertford and Stortford Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesperson, said. “While the Government is missing in action, and Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are busy peddling fantasy economics in a chaotic leadership contest, the Labour Party has stepped up with a plan to give people in our communities the support they need now.”

The local Labour Party strongly criticised Julie Marson MP’s record since her election in 2019, suggesting that her votes in Parliament have made things worse for residents in Hertford and Stortford.

“Julie Marson has consistently voted against proposals that would support those who need it most in our communities,” Josh said. “Just this year she voted against Labour’s proposed windfall tax on oil and gas giants, our proposal to cut VAT on household energy bills, and she has repeatedly voted against extending Free School Meals for hungry children since entering Parliament. If she really wants to tackle the cost of living crisis for the people of Hertford and Stortford then I would strongly encourage her to put petty party differences aside and call upon the Prime Minister to back Labour’s emergency proposals to tackle the Cost of Living Crisis.”



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