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Halt the export of British made riot control gear to the United States

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hertford and Stortford Labour Party have written to Julie Marson MP, calling on her to join other MPs demanding an immediate halt to the export of British-made riot control gear to the United States, pending an investigation.

More than 160 MPs, from every major party in the House of Commons, including Ms Marson’s own, have written to the Secretary of State for International Trade Elizabeth Truss MP. This includes Liz Truss’s opposite number in the Shadow Cabinet, Emily Thornberry.

In their letter, Hertford and Stortford Labour Party said, “We call on you, as the MP for Hertford and Stortford, to join this group of MPs and write to in Elizabeth Truss MP in support of these demands as a matter of urgency.”

According to their most recent report, the Department for International Trade last year licensed the export of a variety of riot control projectiles and equipment to the United States, including anti-riot guns, tear gas, and riot shields.

Hertford and Stortford Labour’s BAME Officer, Elif Toker-Turnalar, said, “if any other world leader were behaving in this way, the least we could expect from the British government was a halt to the export of the riot control equipment they were using to suppress peaceful demonstrations. It’s vital that the government stands in solidarity with black communities here and in America, and that Julie Marson shows solidarity with her constituents.”

Hertford and Stortford Constituency Labour Party's BAME Officer, Elif Toker-Turnalar

At last week’s Prime Minister Questions, Labour leader Keir Starmer raised the issue of George Floyd’s murder, and the Prime Minister and the government’s silence on this, as well as the use of excessive force by the American police.

Hertford and Stortford Labour Party finished their letter by saying, “The shockwaves of George Floyd’s death extend far beyond the borders of the United States of America. There will be many people in our own community feeling hurt, anger and fear as these events continue to unfold.

As the elected MP for Hertford and Stortford it’s vital you show solidarity with those in our local area feeling very strong emotions at this time. Local people want to be sure that you support freedom and equality, and that you give your full backing to the peaceful demonstrations occurring here and in the United States.”



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