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By-election results show Labour can win in Hertford and Stortford

Josh Dean, Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hertford and Stortford Constituency, welcomed last night’s results in the Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth by-elections, saying:

“These historic results show that Labour is the only party that can beat the Tories in rural market town seats like Mid Beds and Tamworth. What’s more is they show Julie Marson is likely to lose her seat to the Labour candidate in Hertford and Stortford at the next general election - her 2019 majority is smaller than those in both Tamworth and Mid Beds. This follows Labour’s success in the traditionally safe Tory seat of Selby and Ainsty earlier this year, overturning a majority of 20,137, again larger than Mrs Marson’s.”

“Over four challenging years for our community, residents have been let down by an absentee Tory MP who doesn’t even have the support of her own Conservative Association’s executive committee. It’s time for a local Labour MP in Hertford and Stortford who will open their office in the heart of our constituency, rebuild our residents’ trust in politics and ensure that they finally have a real voice in Parliament.”

“Labour has compelling vision for a decade of national renewal and a plan to deliver meaningful action on the cost of living crisis for our residents, get the NHS back on its feet, and tackle the climate emergency. With Labour we can end more than a decade of Tory decline and help Britain get it’s future back.”



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