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Open letter to Julie Marson on Dominic Cummings

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hertford and Stortford Constituency Labour Party take this opportunity to express our shock and disgust at the actions taken by Dominic Cummings in this time of national crisis.

Throughout this lockdown the British people have pulled together and sacrificed much in the name of public health. Residents of Hertford and Stortford - and, indeed, people across the country - have been unable to see friends and extended family. Many have been unable to attend the funerals of those that they love.

It is wholly unfair that while local residents have made these enormous sacrifices Dominic Cummings twice broke the lockdown to travel 260 miles across the country, entirely contrary to the rules laid out by the government.

We have no doubt that your inbox will today be full of emails from outraged constituents. Local people will rightly be asking why they are subject to fines if they break lockdown but Dominic Cummings has enjoyed the public support of senior cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister. Local people are right to be upset.

Hertford and Stortford CLP is clear: there cannot be one rule for the public and another for Dominic Cummings.

For Dominic Cummings to continue to serve as a senior government advisor would be an insult. Not only would this show rank hypocrisy from the government, it would also undermine the legitimacy of the continued lockdown and endanger public health.

Dominic Cummings must resign now.

We urgently call upon you, as the MP for Hertford and Stortford, to communicate this growing public resentment to the government and support the many people, including a number of Conservative MPS, who have called for Dominic Cummings resignation.



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