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Josh Dean

The local choice in Hertford and Stortford.

Hertford and Stortford is my home. Raised in Hertford, my Mum taught at local schools before becoming a Special Educational needs Coordinator (SENCO) and my Dad lives just outside Bishop's Stortford, commuting into London like many of our residents. My life has been shaped by our community; I went to local schools and my first job was in Hertford Town Centre.

I know what it's like to be a young person worried about the future. I dropped out of sixth form at 17 and went straight into work. It was our local youth workers and young people's organisations that helped me to find my path. But after 14 years of Conservative government, many young people in the same position today won't have access to the same support and opportunities that I had.

In 2024, it's not just our young people who are worried about the future. Our residents are facing a cost of living crisis, our businesses and charities are struggling, our public services are crumbling and the climate crisis is escalating. When I go out and speak to people in our community they often say the same thing: Britain is broken. Nothing works anymore and the government isn't doing anything about it.

Our residents deserve better than a government that's out of ideas and that's left Britain in decline, and they deserve better than an absentee Conservative MP with no connection to our community. We need a Labour MP in Hertford and Stortford, working with the next Labour government to deliver the change our residents deserve.

I joined the Labour Party because I genuinely believe in politics as a force for good. I've made it my mission to give back to the community that's given me so much, campaigning across Hertford and Stortford to elect the Labour councillors making change in our communities, supporting residents and local campaigns, and proudly representing Castle ward on Hertford Town Council since May 2023.

I don't just want better for our community; I have the vision and determination to deliver it. I've taken the fight to the Conservatives before, and won, and I know I can do it again. 

The coming General Election will be our best chance in a generation to elect a Labour MP in Hertford and Stortford and deliver real change for our residents.

Together, we can take the first step and vote for change with Labour.

"With a local Labour MP, we can deliver for our community and rebuild our residents' trust in politics."

Here's what I'll deliver as your local Labour MP for Hertford and Stortford.

Tackle the cost of living crisis

Stand up for our NHS and social care

Real action on the
climate crisis

Safer streets for our community

Opportunities for
our residents

Donate to support my campaign

Your support could be the difference between a Labour MP and a Tory MP in Hertford and Stortford

Together, we can win.

The coming General Election will be our best chance in a generation to elect a local Labour MP in Hertford and Stortford.

You deserve an active local MP who's on your side. I want to speak to as many residents as possible ahead of the General Election.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Be part of
making history

Together, we can deliver
a Labour government.
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