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Labour take action on parking enforcement in Hertford Town Centre

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hertford Labour Party have raised questions in regards to the continued parking issues on Maidenhead Street, which was pedestrianised - with gates installed at either end - in the £1 million Bulls Plain redevelopment in 2019.

Though parking is prohibited on Maidenhead Street, motorists regularly defy the rules and park up - sometimes lining both sides of the street. Herts County Council issued a new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) at the start of September, though residents have reported that the situation has not improved.

Writing to Councillor Bob Deering, who sits on all three tiers of Hertford’s local authorities representing the ward in which Maidenhead Street is situated, Vice Chair Josh Dean sought answers to a number of questions.

“I first wrote to Councillor Deering about this in June, and he assured me that action was being taken,” Josh explained. “But, in spite of the new TRO from Herts County Council, the problem doesn’t seem to be going away and it doesn’t appear that the rules are being enforced. The street was pedestrianised in a redevelopment worth £1 million and local people are rightly asking whether or not they’re getting their moneys worth.”

Labour are concerned that this issue could pose a potential risk to public health with regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Josh added, “When you’ve got cars lining either side of the street it becomes very hard for residents to social distance - with the local economy reopening, children returning to school and COVID-19 cases rising across the country, this could pose a significant risk in one of Hertford’s busiest streets.”

The Labour Party remain in touch with local residents in regards to this issue and are keen to hear from anyone with concerns. Emails can be directed to



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