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Labour candidate speaks out on changes to Bluecoats roundabout traffic light system

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hertford Labour Party have raised concerns following Hertfordshire County Council’s decision to introduce full-time traffic lights at the Bluecoats roundabout, which they say has led to increased congestion throughout the town, and could cause further air pollution or lead to potential accidents.

While the lights previously operated during busy hours, the County Council implemented a full-time system in response to a report which they say showed increased numbers of accidents at times when the lights were not operational.

“Introducing a full-time traffic light system right at one of Hertford’s busiest roundabouts has caused chaos in our town,” Josh Dean, Labour’s candidate in Hertford, St Andrews, said. “Right as our town centre begins to open up after months of lockdown, Hertford has been brought to gridlock. Growing traffic jams will inevitably lead to more air pollution in our community, particularly near our town centre and where young people walk to school.”

Local residents and motorists have voiced their unhappiness on social media, with many tagging Hertfordshire Highways and the Tory County Councillor responsible for the division in which the roundabout sits.

“While I fully appreciate the need to prevent accidents, which is incredibly important, you do have to question the County Council’s decision making process on this,” Josh added. “What consideration was given to the impact on congestion? What consideration was given to the impact on air quality? Local people are rightly upset and confused and deserve answers to these questions.”

The Labour Party are raising a number of questions in regards to the new traffic light system at the Bluecoat’s roundabout, including:

  • How were local residents, motorists and businesses consulted before the introduction of the new system by the County Council, Herts Highways or their County Councillor?

  • Did the County Council or Herts Highways model data on the impact this change would have on congestion and air pollution before introducing the new system, and will they release that data?

  • In the meantime, what will the County Council and Herts Highways do to begin to alleviate the pressures on local residents, motorists and businesses caused by increase congestion in the town?

Labour have encouraged anyone with concerns in regards to the new traffic light system to write to them by email on or to contact their candidate in Hertford, St Andrews at



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