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We're Calling for Sixth Form Admissions Officers to Stop GCSE Students from Missing Out

Ahead of GCSE results day (Thursday 20th August), Hertford & Stortford Labour Party have called upon the heads of admissions of all sixth forms and colleges in the constituency to ensure that no GCSE student will lose out due to government failure.

This follows last week’s A Level results shambles, which saw hundreds of thousands of A Level grades unfairly downgraded, leaving many young people without their places in places in higher education and unsure about their future.

Our intervention comes after 280,000 A Level results were downgraded by a controversial algorithm; this same algorithm has been used to assess 97% of GCSEs, which will leave many GCSE students in a state of acute anxiety ahead of Thursday’s results.

Hertford & Stortford Constituency Labour Party's Youth Officer, Josh Dean

Josh Dean, Hertford & Stortford Labour’s Youth Officer, said, “The Government has grossly misled students. Schools Minister Nick Gibb promised before A Level results that any downgrades would be “by just one grade,” but figures from Ofqual show that 24,000 A Level grades were marked down by more than one grade. A similar situation with regard to GCSEs would be disastrous for young people already suffering from a loss of schooling due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Admissions officers can and should act now to protect GCSE students, irrespective of any national action taken by Ofqual or the government.”

Hertford & Stortford Labour Party have launched their campaign with an open letter available on their website, which they are calling upon residents to sign to show their support.

Hertford & Stortford Labour Party’s open letter can be found at:

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