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Leader of Labour Group Calls Out Chase New Homes’ Decision to Pull 98 Lea Wharf Flats from Sale

The Leader of the Labour Group on East Herts District Council, Councillor Carolyn Redfern, has slammed the decision of Lea Wharf Developer, Chase New Homes, to remove all 98 flats in the development from sale and retain them as a rental investment.

Residents who had reserved property for purchase in the development contacted Hertford & Stortford Labour Party, telling them that Chase New Homes had informed them of the decision to pull the flats from the market over the Easter Weekend.

“Chase New Homes has benefited enormously from the goodwill of residents in Hertford who want to see an end to the delay and mismanagement of our town centre,” Councillor Redfern said. “Their decision to sneak out this announcement is a huge letdown, and will come as a huge disappointment to those who had reserved property to move into what will hopefully become a vibrant town centre.”

Councillor Carolyn Redfern, Leader of the Labour Group on East Herts District Council

Labour has also questioned East Herts District Council’s role in the developer’s decision to remove the flats from the market; Councillor Redfern has pledged to write to the Chief Executive and Leader of East Herts District Council and to raise an urgent question at the next council meeting.

“This decision is another blow in the running saga that the regeneration of our town centre has become - the Tory administration on East Herts District Council must urgently confirm when they first knew about Chase New Homes’ decision and whether they were consulted beforehand.”

Labour has previously called for the inclusion of genuinely affordable housing in the development, to ensure that residents in the local area are not priced out - there is now a concern that these properties could be leased at an extortionate rate that is unaffordable to many in Hertford.

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